вторник, 11 мая 2010 г.

wiwordik 0.04

Wiwordik version 0.04 was released on 8 May 2010.

It is based on Russian Wiktionary dump, as of April 5, 2010.

Added (from user's point of view):
Removed almost empty entries:
- only with the label {{помета|?}},
- with empty definition, e.g. "[[]]".

Removed references from the definition, i.e. <ref>...<ref>.

Added (from programmer's point of view)
Now one language can have several language codes and several names.

Added fields meaning_summary and label_id to the table relation.

Fixed bug: SQL exception is treated carefully now,
when the Wiktionary page has the error:
two language headers, e.g. == English == and == English == again.

Added error message for the case the Wiktionary article
about foreign word contains translation section.

Fixed bug: now the parsing of "{{заголовок|de|add=|aare}}" is correct
when the parameter "add=" is empty.
Now Aare is not Russian, but German word :)

Modified "Warning message" (The article XXX has translation
into unknown language with code: YY.). The warning will appear only
if there is any non-empty translation.

This release is devoted to Victory Day (9 May).

суббота, 2 января 2010 г.

wiwordik 0.03

Wiwordik version 0.03 was released on 28 December 2009.

This version allows words fast search. It is based on Russian Wiktionary data.

Added (from user's point of view):
  • Filter by the presence of (1) meanings, (2) semantic relations (check boxes)
  • Correct parsing of phrases (e.g. there is now only one phrase "good morning" instead of two: "good morning" and "good_morning")

Added (from programmer's point of view)
  • Indexing of fields in tables: page.page_title (7), wikipedia.page_title (7), inflection.inflected_form (7), wiki_text.text (12), index_native.page_title (7), native_red_link.red_link (7)
Due to this indexing, user can list, e.g. all Finnish words presented in Russian Wiktionary. And don't forget about wildcard characters (? and *). See screenshot.

Welcome to download wiwordik and Happy New Year!