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wiwordik 0.03

Wiwordik version 0.03 was released on 28 December 2009.

This version allows words fast search. It is based on Russian Wiktionary data.

Added (from user's point of view):
  • Filter by the presence of (1) meanings, (2) semantic relations (check boxes)
  • Correct parsing of phrases (e.g. there is now only one phrase "good morning" instead of two: "good morning" and "good_morning")

Added (from programmer's point of view)
  • Indexing of fields in tables: page.page_title (7), wikipedia.page_title (7), inflection.inflected_form (7), wiki_text.text (12), index_native.page_title (7), native_red_link.red_link (7)
Due to this indexing, user can list, e.g. all Finnish words presented in Russian Wiktionary. And don't forget about wildcard characters (? and *). See screenshot.

Welcome to download wiwordik and Happy New Year!

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